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We do one thing and one thing really well- Providing Estate Plans that Work for Families. Fransua Law focuses on helping families and business owners in the Phoenix, Mesa, and Queen Creek area with their estate planning needs.

Why families? Well, back in 2011 my mother’s life was unexpectedly cut short. I was 23 at the time and my sister was 17. Unfortunately, my mom didn’t have an estate plan in place– no will, trust, or any central area where she kept her financial records and debts.

Since my sister was 17 we had to petition for guardianship because she was having major anxiety attacks and needed medical care.

There were all sorts of issues, but long story short it was a mess for my family.

And after going to law school, I learned it was something that could have been easily prevented with an estate plan.

So now I help families prevent their children from going through the same legal mess I had to go through by creating practical estate plans that work in the real world, not just in theory.

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Simplified Billing

Don’t you hate when you lawyer bills by the hour? Every email and call gets tracked and billed!

NOT HERE. Our estate planning packages are all FLAT-FEE, meaning you will know exactly how much your plan will cost when you decide to work with us.

Call us with questions and rest assured you will not get a bill for the call.

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Comprehensive Consulting

One of the top reasons estate plans fail is because they have leaks in the plan or forget how the plan will practically work in the real world.

For example, an estate plan is only as effective if the family can find the assets. Any assets not found get lost to the state! Which is why we help you develop a listing of all your assets and place it in your binder so that your assets get found and transferred easily.

We take the time to create an estate plan that will actually work in the real-world.

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Personalized Programs

We take the time to learn your family’s situation, hopes, and dreams so that we can then later apply our legal expertise in recommending which legal options and documents can best fulfill your wishes.

Additionally, we offer several estate plan packages so you can choose the one that best fits your needs!


Our Services

We offer full service Business Law and Estate Planning Services.

For our Business clients, we not only help you make sure your business is on solid legal footing with employees and customers, but we also provide valuable guidance during times of need.

For our Families, all our packages are all-inclusive and will provide you and your loved ones with all the documents your family needs for an estate plan that will fulfill your wishes.

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Entity Formation

Whether you are creating a new business, or want to ensure your business is setup correctly- we will help you every step of the way.

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Contract Drafting/Review

Business owners sign 100’s of agreements. Let us help protect your rights by drafting or reviewing legal documents on your behalf.

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Dispute Resolution

Customer disputes happen. Whether it is an ROC complaint, demand letter, or litigation we work diligently on your behalf to analyze and resolve any issues so you can stay focused on your business. We frequently work with contractors in the construction industry.

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Wills are a great way to nominate guardians for your children and spell out your last wishes. We also provide Pour-Over Wills for families that choose to go with a Revocable Living Trust to keep their family out of Probate.

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Revocable Living Trusts

Perfect if you wish to keep your family out of probate court after you are gone. RLT’s offer superior privacy protection, protects your family during incapacity, and allow property to transfer smoothly and quickly in the event of an emergency.

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All Estate Planning Essentials

In addition to drafting your Will, Pour-Over Will, or Trust we also include all other ancillary documents your family will need.

These include: Medical Power of Attorney, Durable/Springing Power of Attorney, Living Will, a Property Memorandum.

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Planning for your Children

When it comes to your children, we take absolutely no shortcuts!

All our plans include helping your properly name and legally document both long-term and short-term guardians for your kids. We also include a healthcare power of attorney and a wallet-card that lets people know who to call if you are even an emergency.

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Planning for your Business

Entrepeneurs work extremely hard to make their goals a reality and provide for their family. Unfortunately, many forget to plan for the business when they are no longer here and the business you worked so hard to create will likely struggle or die.

Let us help you plan for your business so that it can continue to provide for your family after you are gone with a Business Success Plan. This is true legacy planning!

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Planning for your Pets

For many of us, myself included, our pets become like our children. They love us unconditionally and look to us to care for them.

But, what happens to them when uou are no longer able to care for them? Unfortunately, many pets get placed in shelters or euthanized after the owner dies or becomes incapacitated.

We can help you plan for your pet and setup a pet trust that will provide for them long after you are gone.

College Preparation for Your Children

Congratulations! You raised a remarkable kid that has recently graduated high school and is now on their way to College. But before you send them on their way, there are several important legal documents that they (and you!) will need in the event of a sickness or emergency.


If you are looking for a Probate lawyer, chances are you recently lost somebody close to you. First, let us offer our condolences on your loss.

We understand that this process is coming along during one of the most difficult times of your life. We are here to help take the burden of figuring out what needs to be done next so that you can focus on more important things like caring for your family and grieving.

Our Estate Planning Process

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Our estate planning process is designed to be as easy and convenient for you as possible!

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We begin by having a comprehensive Family Estate Planning Needs Consultation with you and your partner/spouse.

During this meeting, I will travel to your house to review your family’s current assets, goals, fears and estate plan. The state has one for you if you don’t have one already- and you probably won’t like it!

Only after we review your family’s current plan can we know what needs to be fixed. I’ll help you choose best approaches.

From there, we begin drafting your new estate plan! By the time we are done with the meeting, you can rest assured that your family will soon be taken care of.

Once I leave your house my team and I will get to work creating all the documents necessary for your estate plan.

Within one week, we will reach out and send you a confirmation of all the details you selected.

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Four weeks after the consultation, I will arrive with two witnesses and your estate planning binder. Don’t be surprised when I walk through the door with a very thick binder full of documents- these are all the necessary documents your family will need.

This meeting usually takes about an hour to complete, and during that time we will sign, notarize, and witness all your estate planning documents.

Once the documents are signed, they are legally enforceable and effective- so your family is safe from that point forward.

If you chose to Trust created, I will provide you with a set of instructions so that your Trust will be properly funded. At this stage, funding the Trust becomes the top priority for the next couple of weeks while I take the binder back and digitize your signed documents.

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Within four weeks after your Signing Ceremony, I will return the estate planning binder back to you for safe keeping. You can also expect an email to access your digital copies as well.

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Once the binder is returned, the bulk of our work is over and you can rest easy knowing that your family is protected.

But, we will still keep in touch! At least every three years (or every year if you join our membership program) you can expect us to reach out to review your estate plan.

You see, estate planning isn’t a once-and-done task. The law changes, your family changes, and your assets will change. Because of all these changes, we will want to sit down and review what you have to make sure the plan we originally created will still work best for your family.

About Us

aaron fransua

Aaron Fransua, Esq.

Prior to law school, Aaron experienced the pain and trauma of unexpectedly losing a loved one when he lost his mother suddenly in 2011. Overnight, at only 24 years old, Aaron was thrown into the position of caring for his 17-year old sister while making funeral arrangements and dissolving the estate of his mother. Unfortunately, his mother was like so many other young adults in our community and did not plan for her unexpected death– leaving no will nor any real inventory of her assets, debts, or insurance policies. It was during this time that Aaron began to understand the depth of the pain and the breadth of the difficulties the lack of a comprehensive estate plan can have on a grieving family. He is determined to help others in his community so their families will not face the compounded challenges his had to endure.

Why I help families leave behind a legacy for their loved ones- not a mess

My "Why" Why I work so hard to help families protect their loved ones from heartache and unnecessary turmoil. The reality is that 60% of Americans do not have an estate plan in place. Whether they realize it or not, they are setting their families and loved ones up for unnecessary stress and problems. Even worse, they are missing out on opportunities to leave behind their legacy for their loved ones to look back on. I would much rather help families leave behind a legacy for their loved ones- not a mess.

Posted by Aaron Fransua on Sunday, September 23, 2018

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